Glacier Express - Scenic train route

Glacier Express- Scenic train

Scenic train options departing from Zermatt and Brig. Check it all below!

  • Glacier Express

    You can enjoy the impressive mountain scenery between St. Moritz/Davos and Zermatt (or vice versa) on a 8-hour journey express train. In both summer and winter. The Glacier Express travels through the Oberalppass at an altitude of 2,033 metres.

    The Swiss National Park in the canton of Graubünden was established in 1909. Animals are not hunted, trees are not felled and meadows are not cut in the Park. It is practically the same landscape that people would have encountered five thousand years ago. The World Heritage Committee of Unesco has also conferred "UNESCO World Heritage" status on the "Rhaetian Railway in the Albula/Bernina Landscape" – only the third railway in the world to receive such a listing.

  • Scenic Restaurant Car

    Thanks to large windows extending to the top of the train, travelers are able to enjoy excellent panoramic views. Air-conditioning provides for comfortable, draft-free trips. (Windows are sealed).

    If you feel a little hungry along the way, we prepare delicious specialities in our own onboard kitchen and serve them at your seat. Experience an unforgettable journey with the Glacier Express! The price for meals is not included and will go around EUR 40. Rest assured, it is worth every penny!

    Seat reservations are required for the dining car and can be made at Passaggio Catering Company in Chur:
    Phone: + 41 81 252-1425
    Fax: + 41 81 284-5275

  • Landscapes

    Past picturesque landscapes, snow-covered Alpine peaks, roaring mountain streams, lush meadows, historic fortresses, craggy cliff faces, picturesque villages, refreshing mountain lakes, quaint hamlets and seductive vineyards. But enough of poetic words. A trip onboard the Glacier Express is simply indescribably beautiful.

    A trip onboard the Glacier Express is also a journey through unique flora and fauna. Admittedly though, the discovery of "Edelweiss" or Leontopdium alpinum and "Pinnate-leaved ragwort" or Senecio abrotanifolius from the panoramic viewing cars is just as elusive as discovering a marmot, ibex, red deer, golden eagle or bearded vulture. But it's good to know that the natural world here remains largely intact.

Glacier Express Full fare & details

This option do not require a railpass

1st Class 2nd Class
Zermatt to St Moritz - Adult - Full fare $347.00 $217.00
Zermatt to St Moritz - Child - Full fare $196.00 $131.00
St Moritz ro Zermatt - Adult - Full fare $370.00 $217.00
St Moritz to Zermatt - Child - Full fare $196.00 $131.00
Glacier Express Passholder prices & details

All options require a valid Eurail pass with Swiss on it

1st Class 2nd Class
Brig to Disentis - Adult - Eurail passholder $85.00 $53.00
Brig to Disentis - Child - Eurail passholder $48.00 $32.00
Brig to Goeschenen - Adult - Eurail passholder $72.00 $45.00
Brig to Goeschenen - Child - Eurail passholder $41.00 $28.00
Brig to Zermatt - Adult - Eurail passholder $66.00 $42.00
Brig to Zermatt - Child - Eurail passholder $38.00 $26.00
St Moritz to Zermatt - Adult - Eurail Passholder $178.00 $105.00
St Moritz to Zermatt - Child - Eurail Passholder $115.00 $78.00
Zermatt to Disentis - Adult - Eurail passholder $153.00 $89.00
Zermatt to Disentis - Child - Eurail passholder $80.00 $53.00
Zermatt to Goeschenen - Adult - Eurail passholder $132.00 $82.00
Zermatt to Goeschenen - Child - Eurail passholder $80.00 $53.00
Zermatt to Visp - Adult - Eurail passholder $64.00 $41.00
Zermatt to Visp - Child - Eurail passholder $37.00 $26.00
Zermatt to St Moritz - Adult - Eurail passholder $178.00 $105.00
Zermatt to St Moritz - Child - Eurail passholder $115.00 $78.00

* NOTE - Glacier Express Eurail Pass Holder Fare has to be issued in conjunction with a Eurail Global Pass, Select Pass, or Regional Pass which includes Switzerland.

** Eurail pass holders can purchase routes not listed directly at the station, or at the train with 25% discount on the regular fare. Swiss railpasses will offer 50% discount.

Children 4-15: discounted rates
Children under 4: free, must share a seat with paying adult

OTHER RULES - Tickets must be used within 2 weeks from the first day of validity printed on the ticket.
First day of validity must be within 3 months from the booking date ( i.e. a maximum advance-booking of 3 months).

* Lunch is not included on the Eurail passholder price. Lunch is sold at the train restaurant cart.

Ticket voucher - How to use and retrieve your tickets:

As soon as your booking have been processed, you will receive an email with your booking confirmation. In this email you will find all details about your purchase. Depending on the Scenic train you choose, you will receive either the actual train ticket or a Voucher to retrieve your ticket at the station. This will be listed on your confirmation email, please read it carefully.

* Some Scenic trains will require you to receive a voucher by mail first. After that you will use this voucher to get your ticket at the Scenic train specific station.

How retrieve your tickets at train station:

Each Scenic train will list an exchange point (when necessary) on its own page and details, for example, if you have purchased the Schilthorn/ Piz Gloria Scenic train your exchange point will be at the train station in Murrem.

When you have a Voucher: You must have the voucher received by mail to retrieve your tickets at the station. They cannot be retrieved with any other information. No exceptions. If by any reason you do not have your voucher with you, contact the issuer (the company where you have purchased it from) and ask for help. They will address the options you have for a refund. Please note that you can also check this options on the TERMS and CONDITIONS on the next tab.

When you have an actual ticket: You must have the tickets in hands to board the train. You cannot board the train or use your tickets any other way besides showing them at the stations.

Once you have your tickets in hands you are ready to enjoy your trip!

The ticket retrieve instructions will be sent in the confrimation email.

a) Exchange Points: Vouchers must be exchanged for tickets at specific stations according to your purchased Scenic train.

  • Norway in a NutShell: This voucher specifically do not need to be exchanged for tickets,
  • Glacier Express: You will receive actual tickets for this one. Glacier express train tickets must be stapled in an All Aboard ticket cover.
  • Golden Pass Line: You will receive actual tickets for this one. Golden Pass train tickets must be stapled in an All Aboard ticket cover.
  • Bernina Express: You will receive actual tickets for this one. Bernina Express train tickets must be stapled in an All Aboard ticket cover.
  • Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe: Voucher do not need to be exchanged and can be used as actual boarding pass
    at rail stations in Interlaken Ost, Grindelwald or Wengen.
  • Chocolate train: You will receive actual tickets for this one. Train tickets must be stapled in an All Aboard ticket cover.
  • Schilthorn / Piz Gloria: The voucher must be exchanged at the train station in Murren.
  • Mount Titlis: Mt. Titlis vouchers must be exchanged at the valley station in Engelberg.

  • b) When travelling in Switzerland, with a Swiss Pass: Free Swiss Family Card allows children under 16 to travel free with a parent or legal guardian. If reservations are necessary the child will have to purchase one to save her a seat.
    With an Eurail Pass, in Norway in a NutShell and children traveling without a parent: Discounted fare for children 4 - 15
    c) Children under 4 travel free when sharing an adult passenger’s accommodations.
    d) All tickets are subject to confirmation. The tickets have a variable horizon for booking, normally 60 to 90 days within trip date. A booking confirmation will be sent as soon as the booking have been processed.
    e) All fares are per person in US Dollars, subject to to change before the booking processing
    f) Physical Tickets: Those tickets must be mailed by FedEx. When you are placing your order it will be required to list a shipping address. Please select an address where this package could be received by someone for your own security.
    g) Handling fee: all bookings are subject to US$ 8 handling fee.
    h) Refund options: Once voucher has been exchanged for a ticket, refund is not possible. Vouchers may be refunded up to 6 months from the date of issue. A 15% cancellation penalty applies. It is not exchangeable.
    Tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged.

    • Glacier Express

      The Glacier Express will depart from:

      Zermatt at 08:52 am
      Brig at 10:18 am

      And will arrive in:

      Disentis at 12:55 pm
      St Moritz at 17:03 pm

    • Norway in a NutShell

      The norway in a NutShel schedules are listed on each product detail. When you click on the desired route price it will take you to a description page where you will select the quantity and also check the Schedules.

    • Golden Pass Line

      Montreux to Luzern at
      Departure 09:44,11:44 and 13:44
      Arriving at 14:55,16:55 and 18:55

      Interlaken to Montreux at
      Departure 09:08,13:08,15:08,17:08
      Arriving 12:13,16:13,18:13 and 20:13

    • Bernina Express

      Chur to Tirano: Departures at 8:58 AM - Arrives at 1:00 PM - Direct train
      Travel time: 04 hours and 5 minutes
      Tirano to Chur: Departure at 3:00 PM - Arrives 7:03 PM - Direct train
      Travel time: 04 hours and 5 minutes

    • Jungfraujoch: Top of Europe

      Interlaken to Jungfraujoch: Departures at 06:35, 07:05, 08:05, 09:05, 11:05, 12:05, 13:05,15:05
      Travel time: 02 hours and 24 minutes
      Grindelwald or Wengen to Jungfraujoch: This is the same train that departures from Interlaken and crosses Grindelwald or Wengen into the Junffraujoch. You will have to take a local train from Interlaken to reach it.

    • Chocolate train

      Operating periods: From May to October only.
      May-June: Monday to Thursday
      July-August: Every day
      September-October: Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

      Schedule: Duration - 8 hours and 37 minutes
      08:57 Departure from Montreux.
      15:55 Returning from Broc Factory by train
      17:34 - 17:57 Arrival at Montreux

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