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How to use a pass

The pass is strictly personal and non-transferable
Presentation of passport or passport replacing travel document is compulsory upon request by railway staff.

Validation of the consecutives days Pass
The traveler himself fixes the 1st day of validity. You may do so after arrival in Europe and must have your Pass validated at counter in train station before start traveling and within 6 months after issuing date:
a) the first and last day of a consecutives days Pass may never be entered by the traveler himself but only by a railway official.
b) Travel with a consecutives days Pass should never begin before its 1st day of validity and must be completed by midnight of last day of validity of the Pass.

Travel with a Saver Pass
All persons listed on the control voucher do not have to make all trips together. When some of the persons listed are making a trip they have to carry the ticket and the control voucher with them. Therefore the other members of the party cannot make another trip as the same time.

Travel with a Flexi Pass
a) the date of travel has to be entered in the correct way before boarding the first train (or ship), each day, the date of use must be entered in blue/black ink or with a corresponding box of the calendar.
b) the Pass is valid from midnight to midnight on a chosen day of travel.
c) for an overnight trip on a direct overnight train leaving after 7pm the traveler must write the next day's date in the corresponding box of the calendar; travel between 7pm and midnight on the day of departure is then included.
d) for a trip on an overnight ferry covered by the Pass, traveler may enter either the day of departure or the day of arrival.
e) the use of a free bonus requires the use of a travel day.
f) the use of a reduction bonus does not require the use of a travel day.

Travel in 1st class with a 2nd class Pass
The traveler pays the difference between the full 1st class fare and the full 2nd class fare, for each journey.

Travel in 2nd class with a 1st class Pass
The traveler is not entitled to any refund.

Transit through a country not covered by the Pass
Certain trains may pass through a country not covered by the Pass. In that case an additional ticket has to be purchased.

Special trains
With a Pass traveler does not have to pay the supplement to board the following quality trains: EC, IC, ICE and TGV.
However on some of these trains seat reservations are compulsory:
a) Plus Class in InterCity and Pendolino S220 trains, in Finland.
b) Thalys: in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland.
c) Eurostar Italia: in Italy
d) Cisalpino: in Italy, Switzerland and Germany
e) Use of Bureau Car in IC-trains and Salon Car in Express trains and 1st class in the Signatur trains: in Norway
f) AVE, Talgo 200, Euromed, Talgo, Alaris, Altaria: In Spain
g) X2000: in Sweden.

Passes are not valid on Metropolitan trains in Germany (Cologne - Hamburg v.v.) and on the overnight train between Berlin(Germany) and Malmo (Sweden).

Reservations, Sleeping accommodation, etc.
Traveler must pay charges or supplements for seat reservations, the use of sleeperettes, beds, couchettes, special services on board of the trains, luggage check-in, meals. For ferry crossings travelers must pay port taxes, for the use of cabins, berths, reclining seats.

If traveler encounters a problem while traveling through Europe.
Eurail Aid Offices in Europe can give assistance when there are problems with the Pass, such as an improperly issued or validated Pass or incorrect information on the Pass.

Warning! Penalties may be incurred.
Train staff is authorized to confiscate the Pass and/or demand the payment of the full fare plus a fine when the traveler:
a) cannot present a Pass and a valid passport.
b) travelers with a non-validated Pass.
c) uses a Pass on which the indications have been altered or tampered with.
d) uses a Pas which is forged or used by another than the person to whom it was issued.
e) uses a Pass beyond its validity period.

Special situations for holder of a Flexi Pass
Train staff is authorized to confiscate the Pass and/or demand the payment of full fare plus a fine when the traveler:
a) travels with a Pass on which the date in the corresponding box on the calendar has not entered.
b) has entered the date in the corresponding box on the Pass with a pencil.
c) has corrected the date in the corresponding box on the Pass.

The fine can amount from US$ 50 up to US$ 100, in local currency.
A traveler who refuses to pay the fare or the fine immediately can be refused from further transportation. In such circumstances traveler cannot demand his/her luggage being put at his/her disposal at a railway station other than its destination.

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